The geography and periodisation of heritage

I read an excellent blog entry on the ‘heritagelandscapecreativity’ site earlier, recounting (with excellent photos) a visit to an abandoned prehistory park in NE Scotland:

When cutbacks bite, I guess there will be many more examples of abandoned ‘heritage sites’ – and I guess there might well be a ‘geography’ and a ‘politics’ to this as well: what sort of sites are more likely to be abandoned? Which periods of time will be trendy enough to maintain? Television ‘block-busters’ this summer suggest that ‘medieval’ sites might be quite well supported for some time – to go alongside the Edwardian stately home (Downton Abbey) and the inevitable rise of the First World War!

Talking of which…. Following my blog entry from March 2013, a colleague of mine spotted an interesting article by Sunder Katwala on the subject of the tension between the centenary of the First World War and the Battle of Bannockburn in Scotland:

Sunder Katwala is the Director of the think tank British Future, whose survey found an interesting gender divide in how the First World War is seen in Scotland. Katwala hopes that the Scottish Referendum Campaign might call a ‘summer truce’ in 2014 to allow Scots to mark their First World War history in a shared and personal manner.